Magic Tricks with Magnets

The magic box trick

Is the magnetic force strong enough to pass through materials like wood?

Yes, and you can use this fact to amaze your friends:




2 strong magnets (we used a wand magnet and a bar magnet)
small wood box (with a 1/4″ thick bottom)

How we did it:

1. We placed the smaller magnet inside the box when it was right side up.

2. Then we placed the magnet wand on the underside of the box so that opposites sides faced each other.

3. Then we flipped over the box. The magnetic force was strong enough to travel through the wood and to the other magnet so that the box stayed up without falling.


Other magic tricks to use with magnets:

Using the magnetic force to push another magnet:


two bar magents or a one magnet and a magnetic toy train car
flat surface like a table

1. Place one magnet bar on the table (alternately, place the mangnetic train piece on the table or train track).
2. Use the magnet bar to push the magnet or train by holding it so the opposite poles are facing each other.
3. Move the magnet bar towards the other magnet or train and observe what happens when opposite poles face each other.

Moving a paper clip without touching it:


a folded section of the newspaper
a paper clip
a magnet (any shape will do)

Set this up and practice before you show the trick –

1. Place the newspaper on your lap.
2. Place the paper clip on top closer to you.
3. Place your hand holding the magnet underneath and line it up with the paper clip.
4. Ask someone to pull an imaginary string toward them.
5. As they do so, move the magnet under the paper toward them.

Alternately, you can do this magic trick by saying you can move the paper clip with your mind. Scrunch up your face as if to be concentrating really hard and move the magnet under the paper in a random fashion. Make sure your audience doesn’t know about the magnet underneath and make sure they don’t see your arm moving much.

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