Bunny population studies

Man those bunnies can reproduce. My yard is pretty non-descript. Very flat, very devoid of interesting plant life. What it has in abundance is clover…one of the staples in the diets of animals, particularly bunnies.

We have a bunny overpopulation problem.

Last year there were a few in the yard – 2 or 3 we’d see on any given day.

A few weeks ago, we found 5 in our yard. I have since decided that 4 of them were standing guard as the fifth one birthed her babies.

How good are your eyes? Can you see the 5 bunnies below and the robin they were keeping their eyes on?


Not only that, we have video footage of them frolicking in our yard in and out of the wooden playset and other outdoor toys we have out there. If I could figure out how to compress the file, I’m going to upload it because it’s hysterical. It looks like a finely choreographed dance number.

Here are three of them close up.

We can barely go into our yard without running into a bunny. The girls accidentally disturbed a mama bunny one day nursing her babies when they innocently went out to play. This is what we saw when the mama bunny took off, baby bunnies writhing blindly looking for mama to nurse from:


I think between this and another shot of them I got, I counted at least 6 baby bunnies in there. Oh, my!

Yeah, this could be a real problem.

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