The sunflower project – week 2

Plant growth recorded on Sunday (I’m aiming for a weely measurement) for our giant sunflowers.


Plant A – 6.5 inches.
Plant B – 1.5 inches
Plant C – 2 inches.

Um…yeah. Those bunnies did a number on two of them. I decided to put an overturned milk crate on one of them because I had a hunch they’d be munched on by the animals. I guess my yard full of clover wasn’t enough for them. Sigh. Well, I ought to probably try to plant some more seeds.

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2 Responses to The sunflower project – week 2

  1. Jennaviere says:

    How are they doing now? I used to plant sunflowers every year, long ago before I got so heat intolerant.

    You know, the photo I just put up on my “enthusiasm” post of different colored agars looks similar to your blog header photo. Cool, huh!

  2. theexplorationstation says:

    Ugh I’m so embarrassed to say this….but the bunnies ate the leaves off them and I haven’t started any more.

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