Numbers in nature – Flower petals

These are a few of the flowers we’ve found in our neighborhood nature walks. I think I might try to visit a flower shop to get pictures of other numbered flowers.

1 petal flower

Three Petal Flowers

Four Petal Flowers

Five Petal Red and White Petunia


Six Petal Red Asian Lily


Eight Petal Clematis


Multi-petal Gerbera Daisy (no I didn’t count, but it’s over 40).


Here’s a great flower shape identifier.

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2 Responses to Numbers in nature – Flower petals

  1. What a nifty idea! I love the pictures.

    Hey, I ran across a Van Gogh sunflowers food art recipe today on a cooking site. It would be a cool expansion on this project:)

  2. Flowers says:

    You have posted wonderful picture of flowers that is appreciated.

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