CSI games at Ruff Ruffman

My 7.5 year old daughter loves exploring PBS Kids website Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. She found a couple of neat crime scene games to play. Being a former forensic scientist, this is a cool little dry lab for kids to understand the basics of crime scene analysis.

Squeak Sneak

CSI Tugboat Thug

CSI Hat Snatcher

They include a hairs and fibers match game using pictures magnified 250 times to their original size, DNA analysis with comparisons of the electropherogram data (my specialty way back when) and fingerprint comparisons. Kids must eliminate suspects based on the clues they find. I think these are excellent little games for little scientists.

You can watch the full episode of CSI Ruff on PBS Kids Go (video links). Click on the tab at the left for Shows, then Click the Ruff Ruffman Dog, then find the CSI Ruff full episode.

Want an hands on forensic science experiment to conduct at home? Try the experiment we did from Fetch called Forensic Chemistry – Identify the mystery substance.

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