Science Kit Review: Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser Tube

This neat-o little contraption from Steve Spangler science helps make those terrific Mentos and Diet Coke Geysers and retails for $4.95.


1.  Load the column up


2.   Stand back, pull string and watch the geyser


Why this works

Watch this video from Mythbusters

Our opinion –  Well worth the 5 bucks for the excitement!   We bought more diet coke when it was on sale and a multi-pack of mentos for more geyser fun.

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2 Responses to Science Kit Review: Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser Tube

  1. Deseray says:

    For those unable to find the packaged Geyser Tube, we had great results with instructions I found on the web. Drill a 1/8 inch hole in the top of the lid and use a large paper clip to make a hook. Thread 5 mentos onto the hook (they’re soft enough you can push the clip through them easily) and put the unhooked end of the paper clip through the hole in the lid. When all is ready, you can let the clip fall into the bottle and step away. Our pre-K and Kindergarten Science Club loved this experiment.

  2. theexplorationstation says:

    Thanks so much Deseray!

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