Creating a backyard habitat

I have been thinking of making more of a habitat area for our native wildlife (we live in the midwest).  Right now our backyard is pretty bare, but even so, we do find it’s home to a few critters sometimes.

The National Wildlife Federation has a great article on Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

  1. Provide food
    Seeds from a plant • Berries • Nectar • Foliage/Twigs • Nuts • Fruits • Sap • Pollen • Suet • Bird Feeder • Squirrel Feeder • Hummingbird Feeder • Butterfly Feeder
  2. Photobucket

  3. Supply water
    Birdbath • Lake • Stream • Seasonal Pool • Ocean • Water Garden/Pond • River • Butterfly Puddling Area • Rain Garden • Spring
  4. Photobucket

  5. Create Cover Bramble Patch • Ground Cover • Rock Pile or Wall • Cave • Roosting Box • Dense Shrubs or Thicket • Evergreens • Brush or Log Pile • Burrow • Meadow or Prairie • Water Garden or Pond
  6. Give wildlife a place to raise their young Mature Trees • Meadow or Prairie • Nesting Box • Wetland • Cave • Host Plants for Caterpillars • Dead Trees or Snags • Dense Shrubs or a Thicket • Water Garden or Pond • Burrow
  7. Photobucket


  8. Let your garden go green
    Soil and Water Conservation: Riparian Buffer • Capture Rain Water from Roof • Xeriscape (water-wise landscaping) • Drip or Soaker Hose for Irrigation • Limit Water Use • Reduce Erosion (i.e. ground cover, terraces) • Use Mulch • Rain Garden
    Controlling Exotic Species: Practice Integrated Pest Management • Remove Non-Native Plants and Animals • Use Native Plants • Reduce Lawn Areas
    Organic Practices: Eliminate Chemical Pesticides • Eliminate Chemical Fertilizers • Compost

I’ll be posting our progress on this as we go. I want to to bring more flowers and greenery to our yard, and perhaps plant a tree as well.

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2 Responses to Creating a backyard habitat

  1. Patti says:

    What a great idea to break this project into 5 goals. Good luck!

  2. theexplorationstation says:

    Patti –

    I am browsing your blog and I love the idea of making a raingarden.

    I’m going to incorporate that into our garden planning for our backyard.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

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