Green Fire

Green Fire Safety Information

  • Adult supervision needed
  • Boric acid is a relatively safe household chemical.  After burning, it’s okay to wash it down the drain.
  • This is an outdoor project. There isn’t a lot of smoke produced, nor is it toxic – but the heat is intense.   Do NOT do what we did and burn this on your dining room table.
  • Set your container on a heat-safe surface.  Use a heat-proof and shatter proof container like metal or stoneware.
  • Gas-line antifreeze is primarily is methanol (methyl alcohol).
  • Keep the chemicals for this project out of reach of children or pets, since methanol is harmful if swallowed. Read and follow any safety precautions listed on the labels of the specific products you use


  • Powder Boric Acid (found in pharmacies)
  • Gas Line Antifreeze and Water Remover (like Heet, or generic equivalent)
  • Metal or Stoneware Container
  • Lighter



1. Pour some gas-line antifreeze into the container.   Not much is required.  About a half cup will provide about 10 minutes of burn time.

2. Sprinkle about 1 or 2 teaspoons of boric acid and swirl to mix.  Not all of it will dissolve.

3. Set the container on a heat-safe surface and ignite it with a lighter.


This is a project better done outside, not on your dining room table.

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