Science Storms

We recently went to the Museum of Science and Industry and I wanted to highlight a few of the exhibits. This one in particular was about the science of storms. It was pretty awesome.

They had a giant tornado.


A spinning disk to show the nature of avalanches


Avalanches—or flows of granular material—offer stunning examples of how forces such as friction and gravity can act on an object, affecting its motion. Watch patterns of cascading granules change as you adjust the speed of the rotating Avalanche Disk.

The ripple tanks above our heads…


Cast shadows below our feet.
According to the museum website,

guests use tappers to create waves that interact with barriers resembling different coastlines. When the tappers are activated, the resulting waves demonstrate reflection, diffraction, and interference. These wave behaviors are isolated aspects of the complex behavior of tsunamis.

And used a computer to simulate tsunamis.


And we explored the properties of light using prisms


For more information, check out the Museum of Science and Industry’s website.

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