Solar Science

I have neglected my science blog for far too long, but I’m hoping to start getting back into a regular posting schedule, particularly since I’m interested in starting a Saturday Science Club.  We’ll see how it goes.  =)

But yesterday, my daughters and I went to the park with one of their friends and I decided to take along one of our science kits I’d been meaning to try out.  It was a solar science kit.

 photo P1230025.jpg

I decided to have the kids try out the Solar Furnace.

 photo P1230028.jpg

How does work? According to the booklet, solar furnace is a spherical parabolic mirror which reflects parallel light rays to a single point – the focal point.
 photo scan0114.jpg

I had the kids test it out for themselves.  They did feel the warmth.

 photo P1230030.jpg

I had mentioned how neat it would be to try the burn a feather activity, but that it was too bad we didn’t have a feather.

 photo scan0113.jpg

My daughter’s friend piped up, “I know where there is a feather!”  And sure enough, she came back with a great one.  So we tried to use the solar furnace to singe a feather.    For a while, I had my doubts because nothing was happening.

 photo P1230031.jpg

But after a while of holding it steady, we were able to focus the light long enough and it started to smoke and singe the feather.  It was so neat!

 photo P1230033.jpg

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