Our rock, fossil and shell collection

I’ve been letting our friends and family know the girls and I have been collecting natural artifacts for a while.

We started about two years ago with only a few items: a geode, a few shells, and a few polished stones.



We’ve inherited a few more natural treasures from an aunt and a friend/former colleague of mine who is also an amateur geologist.

We now have a sand dollar and a large starfish


And seen with 1/2 of our geode – a stone arrowhead from New Mexico and some fossils: a fern, a fish, and a trilobyte. The pictures totally don’t do them justice.


I recently purchased this set of 18 polished and unpolished stones from Battat at a Tuesday Morning store.


What I love about it is that you can see what the stones look when they are polished and when they are in their natural form. It also came with a stone identification guide as well.

Rhodonite Autumn Jasper Amazonite Orange Jade Aragonite Adventurine
D.T. Amythyst Dalmatine Rock Crystal Butter Jade Tiger’s Eye Unakite
New Jade Banded Agate Brazilian Sodalite Rose quartz Black Stone Goldstone

The New Jade,  Orange Jade and Butter Jade are variants of the Jade family, and the black stone is well, just that I guess,  apolished black stone, perhaps a river rock. I can’t seem to find a good description of what it really is (yet).

The Dalmatine is a spotted Jasper.

The Autumn Jasper is a variant of a Jasper too.



The Smithsonian Institute has a great book out on Rocks and Gems:

The illustrations are awesome in this book and they also show many pictures of the historical uses of the natural rocks and gems (in art and architecture, tools and weapons). It’s a pretty amazing book. I found a copy of this book in Borders discount section for only $10.

We recently acquired new specimens from the Indianopolis Children’s Museum in 2009:

2 agate slices, unpolished pink quartz, pyrite, tigerseye, goldstone, and ocos (mini-geode; center):



6 Responses to Our rock, fossil and shell collection

  1. Cathy Wagner says:

    My daughter teaches preschool and “inherited” the Battat kit of the polished and natural rocks – but without the cover or fact sheet. We have tried to read the names of each rock off your picture with no luck. Could you list the names or somehow try to post a picture she could use to help identify them? Thanks so much!

  2. theexplorationstation says:

    Definitely. I’ll come back with the list of them for you.

  3. theexplorationstation says:

    Here is a bigger image of it. You may go ahead and print out that picture if it would help your daughter.

    and here is the list of what they are: row by row.

    1st row:

    Autumn Jasper
    Orange Jade

    2nd row:

    D.T. Amythyst
    Rock Crystal
    Butter Jade
    Tiger’s Eye

    3rd row:

    New Jade
    Banded Agate
    Brazilian Sodalite
    Rose quartz
    Black Stone
    Gold Stone

    I will also reprint this up above with links to internet descriptions of the stones.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Cathy Wagner says:

    Thank you so much! Have a great 2010!

  5. Bill Wolfe says:

    Hello, I have this product but it does not contain the fact sheet that originally came with it. would you happen to have it? If so could you put a scan or picture of it up? It would be greatly appreciated, I have not been able to locate on eon line. Thanks, Bill

  6. theexplorationstation says:

    Bill –

    I’ll try to find it, but it might take a while. Things tend to disappear around here. My kids get excited about projects, but then make a mess…and things get misplaced, and I gather things up and put them in a box…to be returned later…but later just never seems to get here. LOL. I’m sure it’s around here SOMEWHERE, but where is the tricky part. 🙂

    I’ll try to look for it, I’m in the middle of spring cleaning anyway. Give me a couple of days…



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