Science Experiments

Note: Some of the following experiments have been updated to include a easy to download or print version of the experiment.  Some of the update versions also include data sheets to assist in recording results.  Eventually, most of them will be updated.


How Lunar Craters are formed

Chemistry Experiments

Green Fire

Eggsciting Experiment

Growing Crystals

Forensic Chemistry – identify the mystery substance

Making a gas out of a solid and a liquid

Fizzy fun with carbon dioxide

pH indicator out of red cabbage

Natural enzymes and gelatin

Coffee Filter Chromatography

Life Science

Root View: Onion

DNA models out of Pasta and Pipe Cleaners

Exploring the Senses

The Bean Project

The Toad Chronicles – toad life cycle

Physics Experiments

The Invincible Soap Bubble

Exploring density and Charles’ Law with Ivory Soap

Convection of Heat


Properties of Matter: Liquids

Exploring Sound with a Water Xylophone

Density Experiment – Part I

Density Experiment – Part II

Exploring Gravity

Rainbow in a Glass


Jello Fiber Optics

Milk magic – Surface Tension

Science Kit Reviews:

Science Kit Review: ThinkBox The Power of Magnets

Science Kit Review: Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser

Steve Spangler Test Tube Wonders

Nature Study

Bunny Population Studies

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