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Popcorn Rock

I decided it was time to stop neglecting my science blog.  I’m hoping to post more regularly.  For now, I have a few older things I’ve done with my girls to share, and some new project ideas in the works. … Continue reading

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Green Fire

Green Fire Safety Information Adult supervision needed Boric acid is a relatively safe household chemical.  After burning, it’s okay to wash it down the drain. This is an outdoor project. There isn’t a lot of smoke produced, nor is it … Continue reading

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Eggsciting Experiment

Q.  How do you remove an eggshell without cracking the shell? A.  You can dissolve the shell with vinegar We modified the Naked Eggs experiment from the Science of Eggs at The Accidental Scientist Materials white vinegar an egg a … Continue reading

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The periodic table in pictures for kids free printable

I just found this really awesome color periodic table of elements for kids printable from and had to share it. You can print it for free. I printed it out on cardstock and placed it in a sheet protector. … Continue reading

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Growing crystals – final

Just had to share our final photos of our sugar crystal growing experiment we started four days ago. I was really impressed with how the crystals were formed. I have to admit I wasn’t quite certain if we’d get it … Continue reading

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Forensic Chemistry – identify the mystery substance.

I saw this really cool Whodunit? experiment on Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman on PBS kids a while back. I’ve been dying to do it ever since and I finally got around to doing it with the kids. We made a … Continue reading

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Fireworks chemistry.

Last night, on July 4th, we were watching the fireworks our neighbors were setting off. Living where we do, it’s pretty easy to get some pretty good fireworks. We have a few neighbors that make quite an investment in them, … Continue reading

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